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Akoko Nante Ensemble
Harvests Folkloric Music from the Sons and Daughters of Africa

Akoko Nante Ensemble is a Pan African percussion/vocal group based out of Queens, NY. The Ensemble presents music that has been harvested from the continent of Africa and through its diaspora. The court of the royal palaces of Ghana, the groves of old Haiti, and the seaside shanties of Cuba are some of the locales evoked during Akoko Nante’s high energy performances. During shows, we share information about the people/country of origin each piece is curated from; allowing the audience to be informed as well as entertained. Members of the band have cumulatively amassed over 100 years of experience in intercontinental music via studying, teaching and performing. Though its members have played together for years in different incarnations, Akoko Nante Ensemble was formed in October of 2011. Akoko Nante’s mission is to display the beauty and diversity of Africa through its music. Akoko Nante Ensemble weaves together the musical threads of many nations to compose sonic tapestries. Akoko Nante Ensemble has performed at such illustrious places as: Shrine World Music Venue, The Jalopy Theatre, Barbes, The Afrikan Poetry Theater, Black Spectrum Theater. Outdoor festivals the ensemble has played in include Celebrate Brooklyn, International African Arts Festival, and more.


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Akoko Nante also offers lectures/demonstrations as well as personal and/or group lessons.

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Amoa Opare
Executive Director

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